marceaux for president in 2012!

im really not sure what happened with this guy, are they putting something in his water? has he been eating eggs from publix? i really dont know, but i am sure that idiocracy is turning into reality…

this guy is for real. his son was also running this year. i think im going to find a small island to purchase and habitate.

while im at it, lets turn this into a youtube post!

i really thought that people knew about donka doo balls, but when i surveyed my history class, only one other person knew the video. such a shame.
and now, for your shameful viewing pleasure, i present to you, donka doo balls!

more proof that electrolytes will be replacing hydrogen dioxide any day now.

i really miss tim and eric 😦
embed wont work, so youll have to follow the link, sorries…

for the final two… talking kitties!!!!!

i still cry from laughter when i watch long johnson

basil for president!

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1 Response to marceaux for president in 2012!

  1. caroline burton says:

    amazing. 🙂

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