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what a trip…

wow. really all i can say is wow. the last 2 weeks have been absolutely insane. im going to try as hard as possible to be general in my storytelling as i mean no harm to any involved parties. if … Continue reading

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whos idea was it to give the ladybug sprinkles?

so many questions… i do, however, find it fascinating that the ladybug is so captivated with the sprinkles. is the lil guy trying to eat em or just lick them enough for the sugar rush? whatever its after, i think … Continue reading

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dear padma,

who is this tony you constantly refer to? you claim that “tony” is the author of “medium raw” yet the caption below mr. bourdains face even tells me his name is anthony. anthony bourdain. i am sincerely not impressed with … Continue reading

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daily beast

yummmm the beast is always better with art!

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menieres disease can suck it.

so i dont intend to use this blog as a forum to vent too often, however, i feel it needs to happen right now. i found out that i have menieres disease sometime around may of this year. it has … Continue reading

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peelows and poetaytoes

TOP CHEF SPOILERS X3!!! i really wish that tom would have called me so that i could have been the quickfire judge… those scrumptuous midnight snacks really should be in my belly right now. except for stephens of course. sucio. … Continue reading

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hooray for packages from gammy!

seriously, my grandmother always hooks it up for christmas. maytag bleu cheese wheels, game sausages, graeters… this year, theres already a live mini christmas tree on the credenza, and todaaaaaay i got a box of australian apricots that have been … Continue reading

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where has she been? serena…

SPOILERS!! fair warning… its sort of my dirty little secret that gossip girl is one of my favorite shows. ever. tuesday mornings are my favorite. fresh, hot beast in hand, comfy pants in effect and almost an hour of uninterrupted, … Continue reading

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daily beast

ooooo so fancy!

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daily beast

thanks izzi for the scary beast!

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