wa wa we wa!

i know the finale was a few nights ago, and im sure no one is really reading this anymore, but, there are top chef finale spoilers heavily laden within this post…. beware.

for starters, here is the official publishing of the steak tartare article. very different than its original form, but hey, i understand that creative loafing doesnt want to be a forum for my emotional ramblings. its cool, thats why i have this blog!

so many things in the land of unicorns and glitter…

i just finished the season finale of top chef. i have to say that i have lost my respect for the show. all season long ive been wondering what this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach has been… i tried to blame it on padma. lord knows she deserves her fair share. i thought maybe it was their obscene ways of eliminating chefs throughout the run; mike isabella was really in the finale?? if anyone reading this was helping out for the taste of the nfl a few years ago, you should remember the top chef that were guest appearing for the event. chef tom, spike, dick blazer, and antonia. i feel like there was a 4th?… i know for certain those 3 were there. as soon as d.b. chose antonia’s dish, i knew he would be winning. its really annoying. maybe dick really was the best of that bunch. or maybe my new nickname for him is more fitting than i knew… sigh. im sure ill tune in for top chef masters, i cant help but to want to watch those chefs at work. i have this nagging feeling that my love for top chef in any fashion is dead. sads.

i cant believe im going to post this…

i ate mcdonald’s french fries yesterday. in a walmart. by myself….

48 hours ago…

as i leave my parents house in the woods, im prepared for a troublesome drive. my mother likes to tell me about the weather whether i ask her about it or not, so i was fully aware that my drive would be showered from black skies. after only getting about 5 hours on the road, i tearfully submit to the storm and pull over for the night. i assure myself that ill wake up early and be back home in no time… rough night ensues (not suitable for public consumption…) but i rally and get on the road by 9 am. around 1015, i realize ive blown my back tire. thankfully, a road ranger stops just as ive hung up with aaa and my donut is safely affixed to the vehicle. he tells me theres a walmart 2 exits up that can get a fullsize tire put on so that i can drive the 300 miles i had in front of me.

after about an hour of wandering through the rainy walmart complex (outside, in front was a starbucks that i happily habitated for the time) danny and louise told me they didnt have my size tire in stock and mine was blown to scraps. louise points me about 30 miles up the road where shes confirmed they have a tire ready and waiting for me. once im all checked in, i decide to wander around for a bit. being starving to the point of wanting to eat a small baby, i stumbled upon the conveniently located mcdonalds, right in between the dairy cases and the produce section. for reals. i havent thought about that nauseating irony until just now… i caved. i dont even know how long its been since ive eaten at mcdonalds… oh dear body please forgive me… they were good though. in the moment. it wasnt worth it. ill end it there. they fixed my tire and i got on the road late enough that i missed the tornados and funtimes in st pete. yay? what a crazy, mischievous day.

with princess at my side, i bid you farewell for now, dear readers… hopefully… someone… anybody?…

duh, of course there was a 4th cheftestant at the taste of the nfl…

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