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thanks dlisted

just went over to the spectacular domain that is dlisted and this was the top post. the soundtrack is fantastically and magically orchestrated. lets just hope no kitties were harmed in the process. thanks dlisted!!

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marceaux for president in 2012!

im really not sure what happened with this guy, are they putting something in his water? has he been eating eggs from publix? i really dont know, but i am sure that idiocracy is turning into reality… this guy is … Continue reading

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daily beast

todays fresh beast! yummm

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daily beast

morning beast artwork courtesy of jason at 4th and 9th.

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rainy day comforts

its really gross in st pete today. cloudy, rainy and yucky. its one of my favorite things in the world when its scary outside and i have nothing planned for the day. on days such as these, i thoroughly embrace … Continue reading

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black friday scares me

good morning! i hope your thanksgiving was bountiful and you managed to spend some time with the people you love. bradford and i enjoyed a fantastically amazing feast prepared by a very lovely friend which we devoured with some really … Continue reading

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Welcome to the land of unicorns, magic and enchantment!

ok, not really. but i do love unicorns, and i think that every day should be filled with magic and wonder, so in attempt to spread this mind-set to the world, i started this blog. if youre brave enough, follow … Continue reading

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