right. theres an artist, his name is joe ledbetter and he creates these magical creatures through his art work. one of these guys is his unicornasaurus, a unicorn-dinasaur hybrid of which i have two, grey and lava. to further fuel my quirks, an old friend of mine and i used to have lengthy conversations regarding the topic of magic being real. my nickname at the time was katiecorn, but after i found the unicornasaurus, well, you get it. im a highly random person and i have a lot of interests in life. i really cant label this blog, it would be too restrictive. im hoping that it will be interesting enough that people will keep coming back, only time will tell. if you want to yell at me for anything i post here, feel free to engage your caps lock and pound your keys to: kebrodie104@gmail.com id apreciate it if you didnt send me anything sketchy. thanks. and thanks for reading this. come back a lot!!

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