menieres disease can suck it.

so i dont intend to use this blog as a forum to vent too often, however, i feel it needs to happen right now. i found out that i have menieres disease sometime around may of this year. it has proved true to dsm definition in that it comes and goes in unpredictable, uncontrollable waves. it seriously kicks my ass. one day ill have unrestrained energy, go as far as to put makeup on my face and enjoy my day. the next, i cant get out of bed right away for fear of vomiting or falling over or worse falling over into my fresh vomit. sucio. follow the link to wipe that image from your head… magic!! so thats what ive been dealing with since sometime in march. sometimes, and this is really fun, my sinuses, throat and nose join the party and i cant keep my nose from leaking and my eyes shed tears from the extreme pressure and pain from my sinus. thats whats been going on since like wednesday? its so insanely frustrating!!! aaaaaaargh. i know that there are so many wonderful, amazing and magical people and goings on in my life, and for that im endlessly grateful. i do wish, however, that my body would start allowing me to more fully enjoy my life. giant sigh. now im going to attempt to finish the drafted blogs ive started throughout the week but have been entirely unable to publish. sorry that they are already a little out of date (ie top chef rant) but roll with it. ❤

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