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yummmm the beast is always better with art!

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menieres disease can suck it.

so i dont intend to use this blog as a forum to vent too often, however, i feel it needs to happen right now. i found out that i have menieres disease sometime around may of this year. it has proved true to dsm definition in that it comes and goes in unpredictable, uncontrollable waves. it seriously kicks my ass. one day ill have unrestrained energy, go as far as to put makeup on my face and enjoy my day. the next, i cant get out of bed right away for fear of vomiting or falling over or worse falling over into my fresh vomit. sucio. follow the link to wipe that image from your head… magic!! so thats what ive been dealing with since sometime in march. sometimes, and this is really fun, my sinuses, throat and nose join the party and i cant keep my nose from leaking and my eyes shed tears from the extreme pressure and pain from my sinus. thats whats been going on since like wednesday? its so insanely frustrating!!! aaaaaaargh. i know that there are so many wonderful, amazing and magical people and goings on in my life, and for that im endlessly grateful. i do wish, however, that my body would start allowing me to more fully enjoy my life. giant sigh. now im going to attempt to finish the drafted blogs ive started throughout the week but have been entirely unable to publish. sorry that they are already a little out of date (ie top chef rant) but roll with it. ❤

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peelows and poetaytoes


i really wish that tom would have called me so that i could have been the quickfire judge… those scrumptuous midnight snacks really should be in my belly right now. except for stephens of course. sucio. as much as i dislike fabio, it was hilarious listening to him describe his gnocchi to the kiddies, “theez are like peelows made out of poetaytoes.” (jump to the 3:45 mark) anyway, all in all i was pretty disappointed with the show. this is supposed to be the all star cast, right?

please dont get me started on miss scallops and her two stitches. i thought about uploading a picture of my thumb but figure it might be able to be used against me in the future, so ill just describe. it was basically the same exact thing that happened to scallops, cleaning up flat irons and my dull, janky global jerked and all my weight through it right into the cuticle-side area of my thumb. ugh. it was horrible. i sat down for a minute and as soon as i no longer felt like passing out i sucked it up and went right back to the flat iron. in any other situation i probably would have gone to the hospital, my thumb will never be the same again, its seriously discreetly deformed, but when you work in a professional kitchen, theres not time to deal with that sort of shit. thats why it takes a special breed of person to handle it… why is scallops still on the show and jens not?? it really makes no sense to me. yes, her wet bacon and gnarly scrambled eggs were hardly ip to ripert par im sure, but dude, its jen, she really went home?!? i had her picked as the winner. serious sads. check out her exit interview with the stew.

i really dont understand how this season is operating so far. people like stephen (he should stick with foh) and scallop and tre and marcel are still in the kitchen, unscathed, yet eric riperts chef de cuisine was cut 2nd? i do not understand. last year i considered contacting bravo and informing them that i think padmas time is up and im just the woman to take her place. i think now might be that time… i want to love top chef, and ill probably always watch it, but why cant they live up to their potential?

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hooray for packages from gammy!

seriously, my grandmother always hooks it up for christmas. maytag bleu cheese wheels, game sausages, graeters… this year, theres already a live mini christmas tree on the credenza, and todaaaaaay i got a box of australian apricots that have been lavishly soaked in dark chocolate. yummmm. I checked out the website, went straight to the chocolates and candy section (shocker, I know.) its dangerous that I now know about these, these and oh yeah, these. jeeeeeez. hooray for fantastical holiday treats!


nom nom nom

thank you gammy 🙂

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where has she been? serena…

SPOILERS!! fair warning…

its sort of my dirty little secret that gossip girl is one of my favorite shows. ever. tuesday mornings are my favorite. fresh, hot beast in hand, comfy pants in effect and almost an hour of uninterrupted, quality time with gg. i really dont care what you think of me after being informed of this, unless, of course, you share my love for the show and wish to discuss. moving on.

last night was the last episode for the year, and as much as im relieved to finally understand what juliets problem is, i mostly feel let down. the whole lily confrontation was completely underdeveloped. i really hope that when my sisters birthdays episode airs this conflict is brought up again. obvi. on a side note, i always notice continuity glitches in movies and tv. the little tiny details that went unnoticed during final editing stick out like gleaming glittery unicorns to me. while the lily drama was going down, on the table behind chucks couch is a framed picture of the evil stepmother. its only bothersome because in it, lily is wearing the exact outfit, earrings, hair, everything, that shes currently wearing. are they digital frames? did the picture get taken early on in the evening and lily thought so highly of the portrait that she printed and framed it right then and there? idk. it bugs me though. deep breath.

when serena has everyone congregated in her bedroom, she tells juliet that shes, “free to go.” whaaaaa?? like, it just seemed to awkward to me! really, it made me feel embarrassed for serena for even saying that. whatever. the whole thing is just not as escandaloso as i hoped it would be. i thought maybe serena killed juliets baby or dog or something, or that serena burned down juliets house, walked away, brother got charged, and thats why juliet was so poor? yes, the whole thing is scandalous, but i wouldnt call it escandalo, which is what i expect from them! always! ugh.

the day of the return of the show after the new year is a) one day after bradford and i will have been together for one year and b) my sisters birthday (who wont be getting anything for her bday if she doesnt call me back) so im hoping that the significance of the day to me will be enough to influence the powers that be to provide a fantastically escandalo-filled episode of gossip girl. please!

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daily beast


ooooo so fancy!

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daily beast


thanks izzi for the scary beast!

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