black friday scares me

good morning! i hope your thanksgiving was bountiful and you managed to spend some time with the people you love. bradford and i enjoyed a fantastically amazing feast prepared by a very lovely friend which we devoured with some really good people and i think the turkey knocked me out by 9? yummy amazing! i also got to enjoy ferran adria’s beer, which is absolutely scrumptious! wonderful! moving on…

ive never gone shopping on black friday. i try to avoid any unnecessary shopping during the holidays because, frankly, people are fucking crazy. i can not stand being bumped and pushed and shoved and ignored by employees who are too busy restocking everything to care, ugh! deep breath. so, i generally try to avoid it. well, last night, the same very lovely friend that cooked the very amazing feast told me about the massive b.f. sale at urban outfitters this morning, 50% of all sale items from 6-10. i really havent done any of my shopping yet, so i figured id brave the insanity and see what i could make happen.

properly armed with my morning beast, i got on 275 by 6:15. no traffic, cool. as i walk up to the hipster haven, i can read the apathetic, fml look all over the 16-year old greeter girl and know that im in for a battle. i try to ask the chick about the sale and she ends up being helpful in telling me where all the sale stuff is set up. i decide to start in the back and move my way forward. i found myself feeling like a salmon in a stream of obnoxious teenagers. it was quite frightening. i managed to make my way casually through the store in about 30 minutes, no reckless bumping but quite a few “excuse me”s which was refreshing. and then i got in line where i creeped forward for almost 45 minutes before it was my turn. the cashier apologized for the wait, which i appreciated, but felt was unnecessary because its obviously not her fault. whatever, cool. i ended up saving a few dollars, but not really that much. i did, however, find some really fun things that i was not willing to risk missing out on by waiting for the line to dwindle a bit.

all in all, im not really sure it was worth it. i know that some people have their entire day today mapped out and know exactly what sales theyre going to tear up, but i think ill keep to my normal b.f. tradition: comfy pants, leftover turkey sandwiches, and movies. ill be shopping online, tyvm.

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4 Responses to black friday scares me

  1. what’s a morning beast…please explain.

  2. Caroline says:

    This is amazing katie. haha love it.

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