Welcome to the land of unicorns, magic and enchantment!

ok, not really. but i do love unicorns, and i think that every day should be filled with magic and wonder, so in attempt to spread this mind-set to the world, i started this blog. if youre brave enough, follow me as i blog my heart out about all the random wonders that wander through my mind every day. my main passion in life is food, so expect a lot of posts about yummy, delicious things and the people who craft them. im also a sci-fi nerd at heart and find myself interested in a lot of nerdy, tech stuff, and, i mean, my domain is unicornakatie. im just silly. you know what, dont expect anything from me. just visit my site from time to time (by that i mean religiously, every single day) and see whats happening in the land of candy and sparkling things!

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1 Response to Welcome to the land of unicorns, magic and enchantment!

  1. Cutie LaRue says:

    i love you katie and am SO pleased to read along!

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